Instrument Panels

D'Shannon Aviation's full instrument panel is not just a modification to your old panel. It's a completely new design.

Upgrading your instrument panel gives you:

  • Improved visibility. Primary instruments are mounted directly in your scan in a large, floating aluminum panel.
  • Increased space for the latest avionics ready for your custom VFR or full IFR panel.
  • Reduced pilot work load, from more ergonomic grouping of instruments and avionics.
  • Increased value and desirability in the resale market.

The D'Shannon panel upgrade relocates panel switches and circuit breakers to lighted sub-panels below the floating panel. Avionics are neatly stacked and canted towards the pilot for enhanced visibility and operation. Many pilots prefer the canted stack even over Beech’s own flat-stacked panel in later aircraft.

Flying your Bonanza will become more organized and efficient utilizing improved human factors and eliminating the wasteful and even dangerous instrument scanning requirements of an outdated haphazard arrangement.

Our full panel includes:

  • new switches and circuit breakers
  • new flap and gear switches with indicators
  • turn-to-start magneto switch
  • back-lit fuel gauges for each tank
  • new engine instruments
  • insterior light dimmers
  • a pre-wired harness is installed for ease of installation

*Flight instruments, tachometer, Manifold Pressure/Fuel Flow gauge and avionics are not included.

Easier, safer flight-with a D'Shannon Aviation Panel Upgrade.

STC Approved for 35 thru N35 and 33 thru B33.

*35-M35 also require a battery box conversion to create space for the center mounted radio stack.