Vortex Generators

D'Shannon Aviation's Vortex Generator System is a simple way to improve the low-speed handling and margin of safety of your Beechcraft. D'Shannon V/Gs give you:

  • A lower stall speed, for safer landings and maneuvering flight.
  • Increased aileron authority at lower speeds for better control.

All 33, 35 and 36 Bonanzas are approved with a 100 lb. GROSS WEIGHT INCREASE.

With D'Shannon Aviation Vortex Generators you retain positive control and enhanced rudder authority at higher angles of attack and at lower airspeeds. The V/G System does this while reducing your stall speed by keeping the airflow attached to the wing and control surfaces under pre-stall flight conditions.

Each V/G vane is like a miniature wing tip in the air stream, and generates its own vortex, or tiny tornado. The vortex energizes the thin layer of dead air immediately above the wing's surface. This causes the air to remain attached to the airfoil longer as the angle of attack increases.

The D'Shannon system includes an array of aluminum vanes on the leading edge of the wings and, on Bonanza models, just forward of the ailerons. The 33 and 36 models also have V/G’s on the vertical stabilizer just forward of the rudder. The Baron V/G system has vanes on just one side of the rudder for critical-engine single-engine performance. All V/Gs are permanently attached using very high strength bonding epoxy, and are installed using disposable templates that ensure the vanes are precision-mounted for maximum efficiency.

If the wing does begin to stall, the Vortex Generators cause the airflow separation to begin at the inboard section of the wing, providing a conspicuous warning before the entire wing stalls.

Power off stalls* during flight test provided a 7 Knot decrease in stall speed. During 0 thrust stalls** the margin grew into the 10 to 12 knot range. There was even up to a 12 to 15 knot improvement*** in some 30 Degree bank turns.

Here are a few performance enhancements to look forward to:

*IO-520 idle @650RPM, IO-550 idle @600RPM, IO-470 idle @600RPM

**Propeller is running at the same speed as the aircraft is flying. (Generally 10-12 inches map when stalling)

***Power on or off

The D'Shannon V/G kit comes with everything your mechanic needs. We can refer you to an installation center if you prefer. Installation of the kit is quick and easy.

Install D'Shannon Vortex Generators on your Beechcraft. We are sure you'll immediately notice the improvement.

  • Available for all models except B36TC, Twin Bonanza and Travel Air